As anticipated, locating the right commercial space for our new City Pets home has proven to be quite the challenge and is going to take some time. In an effort to provide transitional grooming services to our loyal clientele, as well as to  maintain the flow of revenue for the business and staff, we’ve settled into a consistent grooming routine at various sites in and around Streeterville.
Since 2012, we’ve worked to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with management at many residential properties and hotels within our community.  A significant number of these contemporary buildings feature a designated onsite pet grooming center.  As a courtesy to their residents, City Pets has been offered the opportunity to utilize their in-house grooming facility during this time of transition.
As well, under certain circumstances, Crystal will provide in-home grooming services for existing clients. Please note, there is an additional fee for this option due to the extra time and coordination involved.


Please use our Online Booking feature to schedule your next grooming appointment. I will follow up with you by phone to confirm. As well, you may call the City Pet’s phone number to speak to me directly to schedule. Crystal has maintained her regular Fri-Sat-Sun- Mon schedule.


Until further notice, our small dog daycare is closed to new members. Due to the pandemic and pet parents working from home, we’ve experienced a drop in the number of daily attendees. As such, I have been able to personally accommodate established clients. If you have previously registered for daycare, please contact me directly if the need for daycare services arises.


We’re very excited to announce that, as an added component to the inevitable growth and expansion of City Pets, we’ve started the process of designing a new Mobile Grooming vehicle! It’s going to be efficient and luxurious! Stay tuned for more about this project.


We are hoping to hire a second Holistic Groomer as soon as possible to accommodate everyone- especially for the upcoming holidays. Discovering talented Groomers has always proven to be the most challenging aspect of our business. By this point, it’s no secret that we are extremely selective when it comes to hiring a new professional Pet Stylist. This is due to the vast differences between traditional grooming and our much more thoughtful approach to interacting with live animals. We have found that gentle, unforced, respectful grooming conflicts with the old-school, main-stream practices and overall mentality that predominantly exists among potential new hires. Most graduates of accredited schools aren’t being taught about the importance of managing their Energy when grooming. And veteran groomers refuse to acknowledge that the industry has evolved. Indeed, staffing has always been a challenge.
As well, depending on the square footage of the new space, our plan is to expand Doggie Daycare and to start overnight boarding. There will be a need for additional personnel once we are established in our new location.