Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare at City Pets offers you the peace of mind you need to work long hours while providing your pet with supervised exceptional familiar care. Because your pet matters.
Our fulltime pack consists of a small group of fortunate little dogs weighting 20lbs and under who get to spend the day having fun instead of being at home feeling lonely and distressed.
We’ve designed the space to provide a home-like environment with comfortable furniture, beds, toys, blankets, doggie music, and aromatherapy diffused in the air. Our space is a fully enclosed safe-haven with double security gates and a special “Look-Out Den” which is a favorite spot where doggies enjoy watching outdoor activity in our bustling Streeterville neighborhood.

Lunch & Treats

Parents can pack lunch for their little one and provide us with instructions on a feeding. Pre-approved healthy treats are provided for the daycare doggies without allergies however you can provide us with your doggy’s favorite snack and we will insure that he or she gets treated all day.

Behavioral Guidance

Assessing any challenges, we gently and consistently work to help our doggies confidently progress through their behavioral issues and fears. We’ve learned that through love, patience, guidance and consistency, their struggles diminish and their best personality emerges. 

Drop In Visitors

 For the occasional Hourly Drop-In visitors, we make sure that they are comfortable and are having fun socializing with their peers. We provide as much guidance and reassurance as necessary during their short stay to ensure that everyone is having an enjoyable time together.

Clean Environment

We keep our space clean and sterile by using safe, all-natural products when dogs are around.  You’ll notice air purifiers and aromatherapy diffusers being utilized throughout the day in addition to our air conditioning system which all help to promote proper air circulation.

Daycare Packages

Our hourly rate for daycare is $12 and $8 for a sibling. Our daily rate is $42 and $30 for a sibling. Additionally we offer 3 packages of a 5, 10 & 20 day pass at a discounted rate.

1 Day Pass

Sibling $30

5 Day Pass
$199 (5%OFF)

Sibling $142

10 Day Pass
$378 (10%OFF)

Sibling $270

20 Day Pass
$672 (20%OFF)

Sibling $480


Application Process

The application process consists of a 1 page questionnaire, proof of current vaccinations and a 1-2-hour trial period with our current Pack. Because our doggies spend a considerable amount of time with one another, we must ensure that everyone meets our daycare criteria and are ready for happy and healthy interaction with their new friends.


All doggies attending our daycare must be spayed/neutered and weigh 20 pounds or under. They must have received all required vaccines to be considered in our daycare. In addition, we ask all our new clients to fill in the daycare form and submit it prior to scheduling a daycare trial.