Holistic Grooming

All Grooming Shops Are Not Created Equal! We recognize that each dog has their own individual feelings! Our mission is to make sure that being professionally groomed is always associated with a positive experience. The final haircut is secondary! Our holistic approach assures that each dog is treated as an individual live being.
Our daily challenge is to effectively help traumatized dogs forget about their past experiences at traditional shops. With an authentic concern for their feelings during the grooming process, we focus on relieving their stress and replacing any bad grooming memories with positive new memories.  We will never manhandle a dog for any reason. Most facilities will force dogs to cooperate. We, instead, earn their trust and teach them how to be groomed in a stress-free manner by utilizing proven calming methods such as, aromatherapy, dog appeasing pheromone (DAP) and music therapy.

We practice loving patience.
You’ll see the difference after the very first visit.

Grooming Options

Bath Only
Bath Only includes Shampoo, Conditioning, Blueberry Facial, Hand Dry and Brush, Ear cleaning, Nail Trim/File, Tooth Gel.
Bath & Tidy Up
Includes Bath only services plus Face, Feet and Fannie Trim. Also known as a clean up. Anal Gland included upon request
Bath & Full Groom
Full Groom includes everything. Thats right all of the bath services plus a haircut of your choice. Don’t forget to request Anal Gland if needed!

Compassionate Care

We believe that our energy/mood directly affects your pet’s disposition. They can feel our intentions for them. Kind, patient, compassionate care creates an environment in which your pet can feel comfortable and calm. Our goal is for your pet to look forward to visiting us!

Relaxing Spa Environment

Soothing music and calming aromatherapy scent is infused in our salon to help ease any anxiety in animals who have had prior negative grooming experiences in the past. Whatever it takes to show them that being groomed doesn’t have to be traumatic!

1-ON-1 Grooming Session

Your pet will be ready for their big reveal in 1 to 2 hours.  No assembly line mentality here! We do not charge extra for our one-on-one appointments. This exclusive arrangement is just a very nice benefit for City Pet’s clients. Being somewhat flexible is all that we ask.

Health Check

Pet groomers see your pet much more often than your veterinarian does. Because of this, they are the first line of defense when it comes to detecting illness or injury in your pet. If we ever come across anything of concern, we will make certain that you are aware of it and advise you as to whether or not to check-in with your veterinarian.

All Natural Products

At City Pets, we use luxurious, all-natural, American-made pet grooming and beauty products. All products are human grade quality. From Bobbi Panter’s Soothing Shampoo to Mauri leave-in Conditioner, there is a combination of products made especially for your pet.

Natural Fragrance

Our shampoos and conditioners are naturally low fragrance, due to their all-natural formulas. Warren London has a selection of light fragrances that we have chosen as our signature fragrance due to its subtle, fresh scent.

Massaging Bath

The main purpose of a bath is to cleanse, but why not relax your pet in the process? We first select the proper product combination for your pet based on coat, skin and any allergies. Then thoroughly cleanse and condition the coat in a calm and soothing manner.

Blueberry Facial

Included in every bath and full pet grooming session is a gentle, exfoliating blueberry facial. The formula is tearless and soap-free, making it gentler than shampoo and perfect for cleansing your pet’s face.

Ear Cleaning

Close attention is paid to your pet’s ears during the pet grooming process. Some dogs grow more hair inside the ears than others, and if necessary we will trim the hair with blunt tipped scissors or, in extreme cases, gently remove the hair prior to cleaning, upon request. We then use a gentle solution and a cotton ball to clean just inside of the ear.

Anal Gland Check

Anal glands should express naturally. However if your pet is having issues with this natural process, the groomer will assist by performing an external anal gland expression upon request.