Our Mission

As we made plans to open an amazing Grooming Shop in Streeterville 6 years ago, our eyes were abruptly opened to the unregulated grooming industry, and the disturbing facts we discovered were commonplace, reaffirmed our commitment to provide the very best experience possible for dogs of all sizes and temperaments according to our own personal standards on how animals deserve to be treated. This business model did not include the use of cage-dryers nor cages of any type. With safety being equally as important, we designed our space to provide a safe-from-harm environment during the abbreviated time when they are receiving their one-on-one grooming services.
From the moment, we welcome your precious baby into our space, we naturally “tune-in” to their feelings and respond with an experienced, authentic energy meant to offer him/her the assurance they need to know that they are safe. We are their friends. Nothing will happen to them here that could cause pain, fear, overwhelming stress or feelings of abandonment. Your little boy or girl will not ever see the inside of a cage, feel heat too hot on their skin, or be forced to have air blown on them without a human hand touching their body at the same time.
Our Groomers care deeply about all living creatures and especially the one on their table who has found his/her way to us by having wise parents who’ve done their research and have decided to trust us completely. We are committed to providing a level of individual care and attention for your pet by consciously deciding to lessen the importance of profit while vastly increasing the importance of the overall grooming experience for dogs.
Our small breed Doggie Daycare is unique to the industry, as well, in that the space mimics that of a home-like setting with a small group of dogs in attendance at any one time, all weighing 20lbs or under.
Our forever-goal for City Pets is to maintain a positive, happy environment for the animals visiting us as well as for ourselves as we work to provide services that we only wish were readily available everywhere! Engaging with our gracious, like-minded clients is a joy for us every day!